A Jerusalem boy’s choir just made a song about Trump – and it is AWESOME!

by Chaya Cikk

The amazing Jerusalem boy’s Choir made this awesome song about President Trump. The President has done a lot to help the State of Israel and has shown he is a good friend.

President Trump & Israel

President Trump has shown that he has been a great friend to Israel. He has recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. As well as recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, he has also moved the US Embassy there as well.

Many citizens of Israel have embraced President Trump. Israel has shown how grateful they are for all the things that Trump has done. I personally think that the world’s view of Israel has changed since Trump came into office.

This song shows that President Trump is helping Israel and rooting for Israel to prosper. He is shown here as the guardian of Jerusalem, also known as the city of Zion. When our enemies such as ISIS or Hamas come out against us, Trump has been there to take a stand. The words to this song are catchy, the tune is also catchy and it is definitely a song that will be stuck in my head for a while.


Chorus: Super Trump, He is the Prince of Jerusalem,
Super Trump, He also touches the sky,
Super Trump, A song of praise from the city of Zion,
He blesses the mouth of the supreme,

If the whole world stands against us,
And only Micronesia is rooting for us
When the sons of Ishmael harm our land
Don’t you worry Trump takes a stand,

Chorus: Super Trump, He is the Prince of Jerusalem,
Super Trump, He also touches the sky,
Halleluya from the city of Zion,

For our Lord, he fights like a lion,
If ISIS cries out SOS,
And Gaza and Hamas will start to melt away
If UNESCO friends BDS,
Don’t worry, Trump will guard us,


Iran is cracking seeds all morning,
And the world is quiet and silent,
One day she will be about this dearly,
Super Trump is always guarding


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