Obama disgraces America by calling Benghazi “conspiracy theory”

by Avi Abelow

What a disgrace. Obama calls the Beghazi terror attack a “conspiracy theory” when it was his administration that created the conspiracy theory that it was a “spontaneous” attack instigated by an anti-Muslim youtube video.

A hero talks

Benghazi hero Kris Paronto responds to Obama: “It’s a complete kick in the balls from a former president still trying to change history and say that Benghazi didn’t happen… It dishonors the heroism of my teammates, who were willing to sacrifice everything and two of them did.”

“They continually talk down and not honor the family members of Tyrone Woods, Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, & Glen Doherty… It’s disgraceful.” – @KrisParonto on former President Obama calling Benghazi a ‘conspiracy.’

Weakness vs. Muscle-flexing

The Obama administration’s track record on foreign policy was one of weakness.  Perhaps the best example of this was the Benghazi travesty.  The contrast between the way the President Obama handled rogue nations and the way President Trump has handled rogue nations is stark.  It is still too early to judge the results of President Trump’s policies.  President Trump clearly applies his “art of the deal” negotiation habits into the oval office.  Will this prove effective.  We’ll see.  However, it is not too early to see that the weakness of President Obama’s policies have not brought any positive results almost anywhere in the world.

This is not a liberal vs. conservative issue.  It is one of leading from strength vs. non-exercise of leadership.


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