“Palestinian” Authority admits to paying terrorists in Israeli prison

by Phil Schneider

The PA can dance around the facts as to whether or not the PA engages in paying terrorists.  But sometimes, they reveal the truth by mistake.  “The Palestinian Authority pays to families who’s husbands, sons…. are imprisoned for political reasons.”  This is a direct quote from the Palestinian Authority spokesman.

Financial Incentives to Terrorism

Let’s say a poor Palestinian picks up a knife and stabs a Jew, and then gets caught and placed in jail.  Then, his family will receive a significant monthly stipend.  However, if a poor Palestinian robs a shop or does something against another Arab, then they will receive no stipend.  Meaning, there is clear financial incentive for a poor Arab person to become a terrorist and target Jews.

10% towards Terrorism

In the Jewish religion, the Bible teaches us to give tithes.  10% of our profits should go towards charity.  In the PA, the poloar opposite is the norm.

Just in case one may think that the amount set aside to paying terrorists is minor, well, not quite.  It is actually 10% of the entire Palestinian Authority budget.  This is not a new policy.  Mahmoud Abbas announced that this goes back all the way to 1965.  That was just one year after the PLO was founded.

So, of the 1 billion dollars+ a year that the international community gives towards the Palestinian Authority, more than 100 million dollars per year are used for paying terrorists.

This is astounding.

Who are our Heroes?

The Palestinian Authority sees the terrorists as freedom fighters.  The terrorists are held up to all as the highest level of Arab society.  They teach children to emulate their values.  This is hard to imagine, but it is the truth.

This year, the United States Congress passed the Taylor Force Act.  It calls on the USA to cut almost all funding to the PA if it continues to pay salaries to terrorists and families of “martyrs.”  President Trump signed the bill into law.  The battle against pay-to-slay is making progress.


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