Sec. Pompeo just said something about Israel that EVERYONE should be saying

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has a right to defend and protect itself. It is really as simple as that. And Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gets it.

Pompeo’s Support of Israel

Israel is grateful that America has a secretary of state who is so supportive of them. So much of the world has remained quiet as Hamas and Islamic Jihad have bombarded Israel with hundreds and hundreds of rockets. It seems crazy. Can it really be true that the news headlines are STILL misleading the public about what is happening with Gaza? Can it really be true that they side with the terrorists? Shockingly, it seems they have chosen the side of evil.

But not Mike Pompeo. His words are powerful and meaningful: “Israelis have every right to defend themselves.” Why is that so complicated to understand? The double standard against Israel has gone too far. It is enough. No one should have to deal with the horrifying reality that Israel is dealing with!

What Would Your Country Do?

What would your country do if terrorists were firing hundreds of rockets incessantly at civilians? Would they let it happen and not fight back? What would your country do if your children were being targeted as they played in school and in the park? Wouldn’t you hope that your country would do everything in its power to protect you and your family? Wouldn’t you hope that regardless of what anyone in the world would say, your country would defend you and stop the terror?

Why is Israel any different? Why does the world side with the terrorists? And why can’t the media get the story straight? Can you really listen to the screams of frightened children and adults alike, look them in the eyes and tell them that they are to blame? I would hope not.

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