Gazans Celebrate Rocket Attacks on Israel as Death Count Climbs Up to Five Innocent Israelis

by Avi Abelow

This is pure sickness. Sick. Sick. Sick. Gazans are part of the sickest society on earth. They celebrate when innocent people are attacked and killed. NO, peace is not possible with them.

Three Israelis have been killed in Ashkelon from rockets. A man who was driving his car on the outskirts of the Gaza border, hit by a cornet missile just died of his wounds. And a man in Ashdod was murdered by a rocket attack 🙁

Hamas and Islamic terror groups began launching rockets at Israel yesterday at 10AM. Rockets are still being shot at Israel now, as we write this update.

This video celebration is from last night on the streets of Gaza. This is not the first time, or last time, that our Muslim neighbors celebrate terror attacks on innocent Jews. This is a pattern that happens over and over again.

What more do people have to see to internalize that there is no peace with our Muslim enemies. What more do people need to internalize to understand that it is impossible to make peace with a culture called “palestine”, that teaches its young children in schools and with public television programs that they should act to kill Jews and replace Israel? What more do people need to wake up?

As of this writing, a total of five innocent Jews have been murdered by this latest Muslim rocket terror attack from Gaza.

More infuriating, is that Gazans are being oppressed by Hamas! Hamas uses all the money it gets to fund terror activities and make the leaders rich! All the regular joe-shmoe Gazans suffer. No stable flow of electricity or gas because Hamas doesn’t want to pay the bills etc.

Yet the world blames Israel for a humanitarian crisis in Gaza! There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, there is a terror crisis in Gaza, where even Gazans are suffering under the terror organizations.

Gazans will be able to live peacefully when the terror organizations are eliminated! And the only one who are positioned to eliminate the terror groups in Gaza is Israel! So if the world really cares about Gazans, then there is only one solution, to support an Israeli military campaign to destroy the terror networks in Gaza. Then Israel will be free of terror and those Gazans who want to live in peace with Israel can remain and live in peace!

That is the ONLY solution. After Israel destroys the Gaza terror networks, all Gazans who do not want to live in peace with Israel should then be given financial incentive to then leave to other countries.

Yes, the solution is that simple! Yet, the world prefers to give a free pass for Muslim terror, and instead blame Israel for everything, ignoring reality.

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