The UN supports terrorism, and Hamas knows it

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN supports terrorism, and they don’t even hide it. The fact that they condemn Israel for nothing instead of condemning terrorists is absurd!

UN Supports Terrorism and Hamas

The original founders of the UN would be appalled by what is happening today. The United Nations is supposed to be an organization that promotes peace throughout the world. But defending the murder of innocent men, women, and children is far from that goal.

Admit the truth – the UN supports terrorism. They have condemned Israel time and time again for trying to defend itself. Yet when Hamas murders Israeli civilians, the UN says nothing. There are no emergency meetings. There are no reports written up. No one does anything to stop the terrorists. Does the UN want to be guilty of accepting terrorism?

Israel Will Continue to Defend Itself

Of course Israel is not a perfect country. But they will continue to defend themselves despite international pressure to do otherwise. Does the world really feel that Israel should put down its weapons and willingly let its people be massacred? That is exactly what would happen if Israel stopped protecting itself. There would be no more Israel.

The UN has heard countless speeches sharing the truth about Israel. Yet they have continued to ignore it. They still criticize Israel for existing. And they still sympathize with Hamas – a TERRORIST organization. How much more obvious can it be that the United Nations must change? Before we know it, terrorists will be completely running the intergovernmental organization. And no, peace will not come that way.


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