The media absurdly blames President Trump for synagogue shooting

by Leah Rosenberg

This is so absurd that it is almost laughable. How can the media possibly blame President Trump for antisemitic hate crimes? They are so, SO wrong!

President Trump

President Trump has done a lot of good things for America and for the Jewish people. The Left is so stuck in its biased agenda that it cannot admit the truth. All the Leftist media does is bash the president and spread false narratives. They mislead the public. They do not share the facts. And they are destroying the real America because of it. No one is perfect. The president of the United States is not perfect. But he does not deserve the extent of the criticism he has been receiving from the public – ESPECIALLY after all the positive things he has done.

And to then blame him for the most recent synagogue shooting and the rise in antisemitism is one of the most distorted things the media can do.

Blaming Trump is Absurd

Blaming President Trump for the rise in antisemitism is ridiculous. The media claims that he has not condemned the far right, but he has. The media claims he has not condemned racism, but he has. He has supported the Jewish people. He has shown them he cares. President Trump has treated Israel with more respect than any other president. He has followed through with his promises.

It is the Left who won’t condemn the far Left. It is the Left who is biased. And it is the Left who definitely holds some responsibility for antisemitism. Take a look at Ilhan Omar. Rashida Tlaib. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Has the Left condemned them for all of their hatred of Israel and for their vicious antisemitism?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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