New Congresswoman Ilhan Omar compares Israel to Iran claiming it is not a democracy

by Leah Rosenberg

Yes, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar actually compared Israel to Iran. While she laughed. How is she allowed to represent America and Americans?

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar is one of those who is representing Americans and really should not be (another being Rashida Tlaib). She is anti-semitic, and let’s be honest, anti-American values. The way she speaks in this video is so demeaning, wrong, and foolish. Omar hates Israel and the Jewish people. And she also falsely accuses Israel of not being a democracy.

Israel treats all people equally. When people like Ilhan Omar say otherwise, it is completely misleading to everyone who is listening.

The Law She Referred to

Omar tried to accuse Israel of being undemocratic because of the Basic Law, the Nation State Law. But the law is not controversial like the Left makes it out to be. Here is what you need to know about the law. And THIS is how a Druze feels about it – a MINORITY in Israel!

The fact that she compared Israel to the terrorist regime of Iran is the most absurd, senseless, and invalid thing she could possibly say. She said this after accusations that she is anti-semitic. Well, Ilhan, you just proved yourself. No more questions need to be asked.

This is totally ignoring the fact that are there are multiple Muslim countries that deny rights to minorities and even persecute them! Yet Rep. Omar calls out Israel for defining itself as a Jewish state, even though it is the one democratic country in the Middle East where all people, regardless of color, race or religion, have full equal rights and religious freedom.

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