The most dangerous congresswoman in America must be stopped

by Leah Rosenberg

It is frightening to face the reality that America is facing today. A congresswoman who is also a terrorist-sympathizer was elected to Congress.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

In theory it seems like it would be something wonderful. She is one of the first of two Muslim women that Americans elected to Congress. But the problem is, she does not stand for America and what democracy is. Tlaib hates Israel and Jews, she has spoken at Muslim Brotherhood events, and she surrounds herself with complete anti-Semites.

How is it possible that Americans put someone like her in a position to have an impact? And she is not quiet about her beliefs! She proudly associates herself with Jew-haters. Anyone who voted for her should rethink their values.

The Media Says Nothing

What is so absurd is the media. The media should be calling out Tlaib for her anti-Semitism, for her support of terrorists, and for her anti-American beliefs. But they do not. The media is just silent about it.

Some Americans actually like her and Ilhan Omar, the other Muslim woman elected to Congress, despite disagreeing with their beliefs. They feel proud that Muslim women were able to win elections and become part of the American government in such a significant way. But that is just ridiculous! If you disagree with their beliefs, you cannot be proud of how far they have come. Americans who stand for American values should be disappointed in how low America has sunken. It is a disgrace to have such dangerous people in Congress.

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