Brian reads the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People

by Brian of London

A full reading and commentary on the new Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People.

Israel’s parliament passed this in the Knesset on July 19th 2018.

Why the Controversy?

For some reason, this is proving hugely controversial though it really shouldn’t be! Most of the points on this bill are just statements of very obvious fact. Headlines all over the world are screaming that this is a racist or apartheid law. Left wing and far-left American and other Jewish groups from around the world lobbied to try and stop Netanyahu’s government passing this bill.

But if you just take the time to read it, you’ll not find anything controversial here! It’s really nothing more than a statement of obvious facts which anyone living in Israel now or with even a passing familiarity to Israel from visiting, would recognize as true.

Israel’s flag is blue and white with a Star of David in it, Jerusalem is our capital, Hatikvah is the national anthem and Judaism sprung forth from this land. Are any of these facts disputable? No. They’re just laid out in a Basic Law and this has the Israel haters up in arms.

Critics have said this bill demotes Arabic: it doesn’t and it specifically enshrines special status for Arabic. Though it is obvious that, being the Jewish State, Hebrew is the main language of the State.

For additional commentary take a look at Israellycool but don’t let anyone tell you that Israel’s character as a Jewish state with amazing protections and respect for other minorities living with in it has changed in any way with the passing of the Basic Law.

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