Listen to what Bill Gates said about a Sabbath observant Jew

by Phil Schneider

The Sabbath is an essential aspect of the life of any Jew. But it is actually even more than people realize. The Sabbath has guarded and watched over the Jewish people. This is a famous line of Ahad Ha’Am, a famous Israeli writer. What is the inner meaning of this phrase?


Kivi Bernhard was offered an exorbitant sum of money to be the keynote speaker at a Microsoft conference…on the Sabbath. But he refused to speak on the Sabbath because he is Sabbath-observant. He was offered more and more financial incentives. but he did not budge. He didn’t even flinch.

Ultimately, the conference was changed for Kivi. Kivi came up with a brilliant idea, and was the targeted keynote speaker of a major conference.

As Bill Gates said, “That’s what happens when you have something that money can’t buy.”

The Sabbath

Every week, once a week, the world rests. The Jewish people understand that this gift from the Lord goes back to the very first days of Creation. It is not a mere psychological tactic. It is an absolute necessity that is built into the world. The world actually does rest. But the world is the spiritual underpinnings of the world. God’s commandments to the Jewish people to rest reflects a deeper understanding of the nature of what is built in this world.

A deeper understanding reveals that the Sabbath is also a taste of the World-to-Come. A world where there is no gap between physical and spiritual, but a world that is filled with unity.

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