Heinous and Hateful Voicemail that Belongs in the 1930s Received by Jewish Congressman

by Avi Abelow

The level of Jew hatred has reached a new low. The disgusting lies spewed in this voicemail for Jewish Congressman Lee Zoldin are abhorrent. That thinking people believe them is mystifying. One would think we are living in the 1930s and not 2019.


Listening to this message is unbelievably sad. The hatred seeps through every syllable. Yet the hypocrisy seeps through as well. First he repeats lie after lie calling Jews “killers”, that we killed and enslaved black people, as well as the “palestinian Arabs”. Then he then complains that the Jews complain about Hitler and antisemitism. Yet he ends his message saying too bad Hitler didn’t finish the job.

How more blantant a Jew hater can one be? He has been brainwashed to believe horrific lies about the Jewish people yet complain that Hitler didn’t finish the work in murdering all of us.

Antisemitism has always existed, sometimes with much less impact on our lives than other times. But the vitriol we are witnessing today is deeply troubling. More and more people are proud to say it out loud in public because they see that antisemitism has been given legitimacy by a number of prominent Democratic politicians, including some of the newest members of the house.

Yes, antisemitism exists on both the right and on the left. However, on the far right it is vilified and unacceptable by the mainstream Republican party. On the left however, it is accepted and not deemed unacceptable. This is extremely troubling and means that the antisemitism from the left is much more dangerous, because the mainstream left is not doing anything to stop it from growing.


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