PM Netanyahu answers question about Gaza with a question to the world

by Avi Abelow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shockingly reveals the honest truth about the war taking place today with Gaza and around the world. Other world leaders will hate that he said this but he said the truth. While the rest of the world is still in denial, PM Netanyahu wastes no time in defining today’s war around the world as a religious war with Islam. No Western leader wants to admit that, but PM Netanyahu says it, and boy does he say it. In response to a question from a journalist during a Q&A session, PM Netanyahu just laid the truth right out there.

It’s Not About Gaza

Prime Minister Netanyahu made absolutely clear that the conflict with Gaza, the Palestinian Authority, Hizbullah, Al-Queda, ISIS, Iran etc. are all one and the same. They are part of a religious war that some hundreds of millions of Muslims are waging against all of us, not just Israel.

He was quite clear that the war being waged against us all, all around the world, is the same. Hundreds of millions of Muslims are waging a religious war. Not all Muslims around the world, but enough for it to be a major problem for all of us freedom loving citizens of the world.

The problem is that most non-Muslims deny this fact. They don’t even want to go there. It is inconceivable to them that we would be having a religious war in the year 2018. And that is why the Muslims are winning because they are the only ones fighting the war with nobody stopping them.

Fights against “terror”, even with some wins, won’t stop the snowball religious war of Islam on the rest of the world. Yes, the West beat Al-Queda. Yes, the West beat ISIS. But the Muslim ideology to take over the world has not disappeared. It is what Islam is all about and they have been patient, very, very patient.

The Solution

PM Netanyahu is quite clear that the world must identify the problem as a religious war to then empower the moderate Muslims to be the ones to reform Islam for the future. That is the only way the jihadi Muslims will be stopped if Islam itself is reformed to spit them out.

The question is will that ever happen?

The answer is still unknown. However, so long as the world leaders prefer to ignore the elephant in the room and deny that what we are all experiencing is a religious war, then the jihadi Muslims will definitely win.

The first step to solving the problem of Islam’s war against us all is to define it correctly. Denying that this problem exists is a quick path to allowing the hundreds of millions of jihadi Muslims to beat us all.

Thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu for finally verbalizing this simple truth. May other world leaders follow in your footsteps. Maybe this is a sign of a change that the freedom loving world desperately needs. Israel can not fight this war against Islam alone to save the whole freedom-loving world, we have to fight it together.

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