Pelosi Lands In Taiwan, China Threatens WW3

by David Mark

Whatever the reasons behind Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s shocking visit to Taiwan, one thing is clear, the Chinese Communist Party appears to be irked enough to push the world to the brink of WW3.

The Chinese mainland, under the control of the CCP has long insisted that Taiwan belongs to them. The US has always stopped short of recognizing Taiwan as a separate entity, but never the less has strong ties to the Democratically run Taiwan. Taiwan regularly drills to prepare for a potential war with China.

China has threatened to respond forcefully to Pelosi’s visit, which to Beijing is seen as a an act of war.

What will China’s response be?

At the time of the writing of this article the CCP has positioned tanks on its beaches near the Taiwan Straight for a potential amphibious assault as well as sending its battleships in a bid to surround the island. China may in fact attack in the coming days – sparking a far wider war with the USA and the West at a time when the USA is at its weakest – crippled by inflation and a lack of leadership.

Unfortunately, between Russia’s war in Ukraine and a potential wide ranging conflict in South-East Asia, WW3 appears to be upon us.

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