Guess Who Is Now Admitting They Were Wrong About President Trump Supporters

by Phil Schneider

More and more intellectuals across the United States are starting to wake up and understand why so many people voted for President Trump in 2016 (and 2020). What exactly was it that woke up so much of Middle America to come out and vote for President Trump in 2016, despite all of the obvious character flaws. More importantly, why will so many of these voters come out in 2022 in a major wave to majorly move the dial in Congress?

The answer is that so many of the Trump voters in 2016 realized that Donald Trump, despite being an extremely wealthy businessman, was in touch with the financial hardships of so many people across America. And now that we are nearly half way through Joe Biden’s non-leadership which has led to the deeply plummeting economy, so many people are fired up once again.

The “basket of deplorables” description from Hillary Clinton woke up many previously non-voters. But it was more than that. Donald Trump resonated deeply with so many people across America in much the same way that Bill Clinton resonated. Donald Trump never said lines like, “I feel your pain.” But American’s felt clearly that the wealthy businessman hit it on the nose that America was losing it’s edge and losing it’s greatness in the world.

Trump was a refreshing change from what the Republican Party had seen since Ronald Reagan. And the growing frustration following eight years of Barack Obama provided the backdrop for a sweeping populist change in Washington. The New York Times is finally starting to understand what America understood more than 5 years ago. Middle America badly wanted a fundamental change, even if the agent of change was a flawed character.

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