Former NBA Player Has One Word: Peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Former NBA Player Enes Kanter Freedom is a role model. If only more people with such an influence did what he does.

Former NBA Player Gives Hope to Children

There is a lot going on in the world. And it can overwhelm children. But when a former NBA Player comes to bring messages of hope and peace, it can make all the difference.

And that is exactly what Enes Kanter Freedom did. Sports is the perfect bridge to unite different people. People throughout the world, no matter what religion they identify with, can connect to sports. It is almost like a universal language. Sports has the power to break barriers and create peace. In sports, the players need to put side their differences. They need to work together.

Some NBA players and famous people use their power and influence for the bad. Some only care about money and pride. But then there are those like Enes Kanter Freedom who truly make a difference in the world and in the lives of youth. He isn’t afraid to speak out against what is wrong in the world, even if it means there will be consequences. In today’s world, where so many are afraid to stand up for their beliefs fearing what others will think of them and say, it is truly unique that he is willing to take a stand. He chooses to do what’s right. And it is remarkable that Enes understands that it is crucial to speak to children and the next generation to influence them in a positive way.

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