Nikki Haley, True Friend of Israel at UN, Resigns as US Ambassador to the United Nations

by Avi Abelow

Nikki Haley just resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations. President Trump accepted her resignation.  It seems that she actually decided on the move a while ago.  It came as a shock to everybody, including the press. Media reports say that while President Trump accepted the resignation, many senior officials are ‘shocked’ by her resignation.

Press Conference at the Oval Office

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Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said the following. “Haley’s resignation makes me very sad. She was a very good friend to Israel.”

I am sad to learn that Ambassador Nikki Haley is resigning. Facing an assembly of dictatorships and their apologists, history will record that she stood up for truth, fairness and human rights. And she did so with courage, eloquence and grace. I will miss her.

— Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) October 9, 2018

Powerful Nikki Haley Videos

She will be sorely missed.  But she may very well come back into the forefront of US politics in the future.  Will she run for Senate?  Will President Trump offer her a senior post in the future?  It would seem that she will be a major political force in the future.  The only questions are where and when.

We hope that President Trump appoints someone just as good as Haley as her replacement. She knew how to stand for truth, stand up against the tyrants and despots at the United Nations.  She was truly interested in helping the world. The way Haley stood up for Israel at the UN was one part of her vision and leadership.

Nikki Haley’s speech about defending Israel that had the whole room standing

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Blood Libel
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