Second Temple-era Hebrew inscription noting Jerusalem Found

by Avi Abelow

An amazing and rare discovery was unearthed in Jerusalem from the Second Temple era. A pillar was found with a stone inscription that dates back to the Second Temple period (1st century BCE).  On it, Jerusalem’s name was written in Hebrew letters as we write today. This is an unbelievable archaeological find.

The Find

Israeli archaeologists first had to conduct an archaeological dig to ensure that no historical finds would be buried under a new road.  So, before they paved the new road at the entrance of Jerusalem, they dug up the ground first.  This is how things are done in Israel, with our rich history.

During the dig, they found the foundations of a building from Roman times that had support columns. One of the stone columns that they uncovered had an Aramaic inscription in Hebrew letters, as we use today.

Here is the English translation of the exposed inscription:

Hananiah Bar
From Jerusalem

The word Jerusalem, in Hebrew, is clearly seen.  This is an unbelievable find.

A Major Find

The Jerusalem Archaeologists at the Antiquities Authority, Dr. Yuval Baruch and Prof. Roni Reich of the University of Haifa, read and studied the inscription.  They claimed that “the inscriptions from the First and Second Temples that mention the name ‘Yerushalem / Yerushalayim [Jerusalem] are very rare.” They said that it is rare to find the name Jerusalem in full script as is customary today. “In fact, this is the only stone inscription from the Second Temple period recognized in studies, which mentions the name Jerusalem in full spelling.”

Archaeologist Danit Levy of the Israel Antiquities Authority also told Arutz Sheva how surprising the find was.  “It is rare to find an inscription. It is rare to find an inscription in Hebrew, and it is more rare to find the word Jerusalem in full spelling.”

Jerusalem Has Always Been Jewish

You want to know how to prove to the world that there is no people called the  “palestinians” with national rights to our homeland Israel? Ask any Muslim how many times Jerusalem is mentioned in their holy book the Quran. The answer is zero. How can Jerusalem be their “capital city,” and the third holiest site to Muslims, yet NEVER be mentioned in their holy book? It doesn’t make sense. Jerusalem is NEVER mentioned in the Quran. It has never been the capital city of any Muslim entity.  And it definitely never belonged to an entity called “the palestinians.”

Jerusalem in the Bible

Yet, Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible, the Holy book of the Jews. Our ancestors lived there. King David established it as the capital city of the First Jewish Kingdom. Both of our Temples were built there.  This is documented not just in our holy books, but in secular history books. One cannot learn the history of Rome without learning about the most successful revolt against the Roman Empire led by the Jews of Judea. It is at that time that the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Jewish Temple.

Who are the indigenous people of the Land of Israel?

The Jewish people from so many angles and for so many reasons are the sole indigenous people of the Land of Israel. These historical facts are clear in the secular history books. Yet, so many people today prefer to believe the lie that a people called “palestinians” have national rights to our Holyland of Israel.

Palestine is a lie.  The entire idea of a separate entity of Arabs who are “Palestinians” is a lie.

The Jewish people are the only indigenous people who have historic and national rights to the land of Israel.  It is a side detail that the Land of Israel was once referred to as the “British Mandate of Palestine.”  But that had nothing to do with a separate “Palestinian people.”

Terror against us will only end when people wake up and stand up for these basic truths and call out the lies.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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