This man is erasing hate from the world – one piece of graffiti at a time

by Leah Rosenberg

Corey Fleischer saw swastikas plastered on a cinder block as he drove past. He knew he couldn’t ignore it. And that was the beginning of Corey erasing hate.

Erasing Swastikas and Other Hate

Corey Fleischer has a passion for destroying the graffiti that is found in so many places. It does not matter who the hate is against – he wants it gone. The hate is happening too often. It is unsettling that the world is still dealing with hate crimes.

This inspirational man even does it free of charge. Fleischer can’t stand by and watch as so many people are targeted. He wants to make a difference. And he is a living proof that one man can truly make a difference.

Fleischer and his Power Washer

Corey will go out and take his power washer to remove hateful graffiti. His passion led him to search out the graffiti so that he could eradicate it. He even created a movement called “Erasing Hate.” He’ll come remove hate that’s nearby within 24-48 hours. What dedication he has!

Most people will agree that hateful graffiti is bad. But how many will actually dedicate so much time to eliminating it? He even will use his own money to organize its removal.

Fleischer said, “I would rather be spending my money erasing hate around the world than putting it toward anything else.”

Maybe some people know about what Corey Fleischer has done, and maybe some people do not. But he is a hero and is changing the world using his passion. And he is someone who everyone can learn from.


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