CNN advocates political agenda instead of sharing journalism

by Leah Rosenberg

CNN is doing what it does best – advocating their own political agenda instead of sharing unbiased news. Will it ever stop?

CNN as a News Source

CNN is one of the most popular news outlets. They are the mainstream media. And the sad truth is that they don’t share news. The mainstream media has been pushing their own views on the world – and it works. So many turn to the media to find out what is happening in the world. But the problem is that people absorb the news without understanding that there is more to the story. They watch, but they do not do their own research. And no one cares to, either.

Examples of the Biases

CNN even seems to side with terrorists – which seems absurd. A Hamas militant gave a CNN “journalist” a tour of a terror tunnel. The journalist makes it seem like these terrorists use these tunnels for protection as oppose to killing Israelis. That is just sickening.

Even media sources like Facebook admit that they only tolerate Leftist views.

Will the biases ever end?

The Example in this Video

In this video with the Hungarian Foreign Minister, the CNN journalist keeps slamming him – trying to force him in a certain direction. She tries to make him look like an evil force in the world. But the foreign minister stands his ground. He does not let the journalist treat him in such a disrespectful way.

So the next time you listen to or watch the news, do the research. Are the stories unbiased? Or are the journalists telling you the facts in a way that is not true journalism?

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