How political agendas have destroyed the mainstream media

by Leah Rosenberg

The mainstream media can no longer be trusted. Political agendas have overtaken the news. Personal opinions, not facts, now guide information.

Political Agendas in Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has only become more unreliable. News sources that should be credible – CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and more – have decided to ignore facts and push their political agendas. People all over the world are being brainwashed into believing that personal opinions are facts. And what’s even worse is that when someone reveals information that proves these political agendas wrong, the news sources don’t loudly correct themselves. It will be a quiet statement that no one hears. The only information that will make the front pages is the journalists’ views.

That is NOT how journalism should be.

How can people separate the truth from opinion nowadays?

Examples of Pushing Political Agendas

There are endless examples of journalists and reporters pushing their political agendas to brainwash the public.

With President Trump, it happens constantly. Stories will fill the news, and many times, they are false narratives. The New York Times has even gone as far as adding their own quotes and stating opinions as facts.

When Barak Obama was a presidential candidate and president, any mistakes he made, such as saying that there are 57 states, received little attention. But when Republicans make mistakes, the media goes wild.

Israel is constantly in the news – but the information is completely wrong and one-sided. Reporters twist the truth to portray Israel as an oppressor. But if you take time to look at the facts, the mainstream media has a distorted way of viewing so many situations.

The Truth

Does anyone care to hear the truth?

Does the public want the media to brainwash them into thinking personal opinions are facts?

The lies must end. The mainstream media must stop their madness.

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