Hamas isn’t hiding the truth, BUT the media is

by Leah Rosenberg

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s spokesman David Keyes lays out the simple truth about Hamas that the media always ignores.

The truth about Hamas is that they have been orchestrating five weeks of riots on the Gaza/Israel border. Hamas has been clear from the outset that they want to tear down the border fence, infiltrate into Israel and kill Israelis. Yet most of the media continuously reports these violent riots as “peaceful” protests. They continuously ignore Hamas’ stated goals and violence at these riots. This reporting is a double travesty. It is a disservice to Israel and Israelis, lying about our need to defend our borders, and a reporting travesty for the public that trusts what it reads and sees in the media.

David Keyes Text

There’s one thing the media almost never mentions about Gaza. And that is that Hamas, the terrorist organization that actually runs Gaza, seeks the total destruction of Israel.

They do not merely call out to kill all Israelis, but they call out to kill all Jews. Those aren’t my words. Those are the precise words of the Hamas’ leadership.

Just the other day, Yahya Sinwar, a Hamas leader, said, and I’ll site the original Arabic.  “Sanaqtala’a al hudud wa sanaqtala’a qulubhum.” In English – “We will tear down the border and we will tear out their hearts.” He is talking about ordinary Israeli families, mothers, fathers and children picnicking in parks just like this one.

That is Hamas’ aim.

Israel has peace with Egypt because Egypt wants peace with Israel. And Israel has peace with Jordan because Jordan wants peace with Israel.

Israel does not have peace with Hamas because Hamas does not want peace with Israel. Hamas seeks the total destruction of this country. It really is that simple.

And everybody who believes in peace, justice and human rights should stand up against Hamas’ terror and Hamas’ hatred.

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