4 Iraqi women murdered for breaking Islamic norms

by Leah Rosenberg

Frank Gaffney breaks down the issue of why the media stays silent on the norms for Iraqi women.  Why does the mainstream media avoid this issue?

Does Anybody Care about the Victims?

Where are the feminists who fight for the rights of women?  If people really care about women’s rights, then they need to deal with the norms in Sharia culture.  It is a culture of fear and oppression of women.

Women in Iraq are in mortal danger if they do anything that breaks the norms of Islamic Law.  If they leave their homes, drive down the street, and live a more “open” lifestyle, then they are in big danger.

The role of women in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East does not allow them to take any public role.  This is perhaps the #1 human rights issue in the world.

Not PC to talk about Women’s Rights in the Middle East

But, it is not a politically correct issue, and that makes it into a subject that the media stays mum about.

Remember, this is not about sexual harassment.  This is about life and death – and it is not an isolated case.  This is a trend that is not getting better from day to day.

Well, one concept needs to be said again and again.  If it’s not PC, then it may be true.  Political Correctness needs to be thrown out the window.  Respect for others is important.  But, we must be willing to deal with the realities in our world head on, and call a spade a spade.

Women need our help.  Let’s stand up and free these people.


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