Adam Sandler and Howard Stern laugh about their Bar Mitzvah blessings

by Leah Rosenberg

Rites of passage are common in most religions.  A Bar-Mitzvah is one of many rites of passage in the Jewish faith.  When a boy becomes a young man at the age of thirteen, the Bar-Mitzvah ceremony is observed. It is a celebration. A special day symbolizing one’s joining the Jewish people as a full-fledged contributor to the Jewish nation, and all that entails. With all of our love and respect to these two fellow Jews, it makes us very sad to see that they don’t understand the specialness of that day or those special blessings. Instead they laugh and belittle their own culture, that goes back more than 3,000 years.

Rite of Passage

A Bar-Mitzvah is a rite of passage that all Jewish boys go through at the age of thirteen.

While it is very entertaining to see these two comedians recite the Jewish blessings, that they last said when they were 13 years us, to us this video is sad because they are making a joke of the watered-down version of the rite of passage that they went through in their youth.  That is how Howard Stern makes his living.  He makes fun of everyone and everything, and we get it.  If you find him funny, you’ll enjoy this.  If you hate him, you’ll have another reason to hate him.

Beauty of Blessings

In truth, the blessings that they uttered are so beautiful and so powerful. If only they understood how much power those words have. I really hope they read this article so they can better connect with their Jewish heritage and be proud of it, instead of belittle it.

The blessing that they recited over the Torah when they were 13 years old has the following powerful message:
We are thanking the Almighty for choosing the Jewish people and giving us the Torah.

Privilege to be a Jew

It is not easy to be Jew. We have a responsibility to follow the 613 commandments. As I said, not easy, and not every Jew can do it or wants to do it. But, we are not supposed to look at the Torah and the 613 commandments as a burden, but as privilege and responsibility. It is so much easier to live life NOT having to keep the 613 commandments of the Torah. But life is not supposed to be easy. Instead, at 13 years old we are supposed to be begin to internalize the responsibility that the almighty gave over to us with the Torah, and be happy in having the privilege to follow the 613 commandments.

3,000+ Years

It is this culture that connects us to our ancestors, beginning with Abraham, more than 3,000 years ago. And it is by living our lives according to the Torah that we connect our future descendants to our ancestors as well.

We, the Jewish people, have a role to fill in this world, that is why the almighty chose us. We are only able to fulfill our role by following the Torah generation after generation.

If only Stern and Sandler can understand this so that next time they can be appreciative of those special Bar-Mitzvah blessings instead of belittle them.

Religious Jokes

Is there any room to poke fun about religion?  Does religion need to be off-limits to comedians.  Of course it is fine to make fun of religion – but in good taste, and we prefer without foul language.

Our issue is not that they are making fun of religion, but that they show a total ignorance of their Jewish roots and heritage. We feel bad for them. They are missing out.

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