Nikki Haley’s speech about defending Israel that had the whole room standing

by Leah Rosenberg

Defending Israel is not always the easy thing to do in a world that is so critical of it. But Nikki Haley never fails to support the Jewish state.

Defending Israel

Defending Israel is not only a task for the Jewish people. Anyone who cares about standing up for the truth and defending what is moral and just should speak up for Israel. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and people of all faiths can and should support Israel. Israel is surrounded by countries who place death before life; by countries who want morality obliterated from the world. Yet Israel still manages to hold itself to a standard that reaches far beyond what any other country would be able to handle in the same situation.

Condemning Israel

It’s true – Israel is not a perfect country. But to condemn Israel for existing, defending its people, and trying to maintain some type of order amidst the constant threats – that is just antisemitism. When others attack Israel, Israel is blamed. When “Palestinian” terrorists murder somebody’s son, father, brother, or a sister or mother, Israel is blamed.

The world boycotts Israel.  The world criticizes Israel.  Why?  For existing.  And that is why today more than ever, it is so critical to have voices like Nikki Haley speak up in support of Israel. It is so important when people like Haley share the truth.

Christians United for Israel

Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is an example of an organization that proudly and publicly supports the Jewish state.

And this is the forum in which Ambassador Haley spoke and thanked those who help Israel and discussed how important it is for America to stand with Israel.

As she said, “Standing up against this global pressure campaign on Israel and the Jewish people goes to the heart of our friendship and the heart of America.” She thanked CUFI for being the “tip of the spear.”

Israel and the Jewish people thank all those who have and continue to stand up for Israel – for what’s right, moral, and true in this world.

Col. Kemp

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