A “Palestinian” Arab teenager murdered a Jewish hero

by Avi Abelow

This is the tragic story of a close personal friend of mine, Ari Fuld.  In death, he became recognized for the Jewish hero he was throughout his life. Ari was stabbed in the back, literally, by a 17-year-old Muslim Arab from the village of Yatta, this past Sunday.

Child Murderers

The Palestinian Authority, and UNRWA, educate the children to hate Jews, and kill Jews. It is that simple. While Israel, and Jews worldwide, educate Jewish children to live in peace with our Arab neighbors, our Arab neighbors incite their children to murder us. Ari Fuld used to say “They will lose because we cherish life and they cherish death.”

Jews have always been ready to live in peace with our Muslim Arab neighbors, but it is impossible so long as they educate their children to hate and kill us. It all boils down to the Muslim Arabs NOT ever accepting the fact that the Jewish people have a historic connection to our ancestral homeland, Israel.

Defender of Zion

A beautiful short song about my friend Ari Fuld z”l. This short clip encapsulates everything about Ari.

Ari was a true defender of Zion, all his life and in every aspect of his life. He was always on call to help out in any war or security situation.  He was always one of the best and most dedicated soldiers of his unit. While his friends retired from service at the age of 40, according to the law, Ari continued to volunteer and serve. His mother once asked him ‘when will you stop reserve duty?’ to which Ari replied, ‘until my last breath.’  That was my friend Ari Fuld.

Not only was he a defender of Zion as an IDF soldier, but he was also a partner of mine in defending Israel in the world of online Israel advocacy. He was a fighter for the truth, exposing the lies and hypocrisy of those who call themselves “peace” activists, who really only fight for the rights of Arabs while denying the Jewish right to self-determination in our ancestral homeland. He was one of a handful of active online warriors for Israel and his voice will be missed.

“Love you, Bro”

Ari was a fierce foe in every debate he took part in.  But he never allowed the ideological disagreements to get in the way of his love for his fellow human being. Before a debate and after a debate, he would always show the utmost respect for his foe on the screen. He was a true lover of all people and did not allow the ideological or political disagreements to stop that. Unfortunately, that today has become rarer by the day. Yet Ari exemplified this behavior.

World Silence

While the Palestinian Authority rewards Ari Fuld’s murderer with a $3,300 advance payment as a reward for killing Ari, the world is silent at this travesty. No condemnation of the murder and no condemnation of Palestinian Authority’s blatant support of terror.

Dr. Risch

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