Here is what you need to know about Islam

by Leah Rosenberg

The American Truth Project organization is all about the security of the United States and the west in general.  They are correct in their assessment that America’s national security has a major threat on it’s hands.  The enemies are not only across the ocean, but also are homegrown.   The main focus is on the radical militant aspects of the Islamic movement.

The whole idea of educate, educate and educate more is right on.  There is nothing that will help more than masses with voting rights who understand that national security is a #1 priority.

The priority of supporting Israel

The American Truth Project also takes a clear stand on Israel.  This is a part of their focus on national security.  They understand well that Israel is on the frontlines of the same battle – and they are on our side.  It is absolutely logical that a person that once had rather anti-Israel opinions would now switch sides based on a focus on the needs for US security.

None of this is politically correct.  That is a good thing.  What we need today are people and organizations who are willing to take alot of flack for their unpopular opinions.

The American Truth Project should be one of many organizations that are their to educate and warn us of what we are up against.


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