President Trump Slams the Globalist UN Agenda in His UNGA Speech

by Avi Abelow

President Trump just slammed the globalist agenda of many of the UN member states.  He addressed the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) and came out swinging.

Globalism OUT, Patriotism IN

The United Nations is the post World War II answer to allow countries of the world to come together to protect the world from future atrocities. But, today, there are two problems with this. First of all, many of the world leaders are themselves human rights abusers and tyrants.  In addition, they have an influence on how international law is set and applied. As a result, human tragedies and atrocities take place all the time, and the UN does nothing to stop them.

This is the United Nations today that we are supposed to look up to, to protect humanity:

And the latest United Nations disgrace:

New Standards Set by the UN

The second problem is that instead of just trying to protect the world, the United Nations is trying to supersede nation’s laws. Basically, the tyrants and countries that abuse human rights have amassed enough political power at the UN to impose standards upon democratic countries. They push for multiculturalism, and the destruction of the national identity (patriotism). But they themselves escape all criticism and UN intervention to continue the atrocities that they perform in their own countries.

To this, President Trump is the first world leader to clearly say that “We reject the ideology of globalism. And we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”

He then further elaborated and called out the core issue under attack.  Namely, that he will never “surrender sovereignty to an unelected global bureaucracy.”


Israel is also under attack by globalists. For years, Israel has been inundated by illegal migrants who come to Israel for economic reasons. Yet, the globalist mindset, which exists within Israel’s legal establishment who are connected to the international jurists, has blocked all efforts for Israel to deal with them effectively. According to the globalist jurists, it is illegal for Israel to look after legal Israeli citizens.  Instead, Israel must treat illegal immigrants as equals with equal rights.

This is a battle President Trump has taken up on the migration issue in the USA in addition to the European countries.

The Reaction that Says it All

Israeli Reaction

Positive Reactions in the USA

Supporters of Globalism React

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