Marco Rubio Gave the Most Epic Response of All Time to This Anti-Israel Heckler

by Phil Schneider

Marco Rubio is not running for President at this point. But he is a past candidate with future aspirations that should be watched and supported. He is perhaps the most reliable friend of the State of Israel in the Senate. He understands better than nearly anybody else in the Senate that a massive attack and massacre on Israel is not merely an attack on an ally of the United States in the Middle East. It is an attack on the frontlines of the battle between radical Islam and the West. We’re all in this together. Its just that some people don’t yet realize that they are in a war for the life and soul of America too that has begun years ago.

But there is something critical that Marco Rubio said that is critical to understand. We are in a war with animals. If you prefer, call them modern-day Nazis. If you prefer call them sadistic pigs. But the main point is that any attempt to treat the enemies of Western civilization and freedom, those who preach and practice the dictates of radical and militant Islam, as people that one can reason with, is doomed to utter failure. They cannnot be reasoned with. These are not people who you can just work things out with. They need to be crushed – period.

They understand only one thing – power. If they have power, they kill and destroy. When they lose power, they no longer pose a lethal threat. It is indeed binary with these people, and they are not stupid and should not be underestimated. Marco Rubio gets this concept well. Mike Johnson and Tom Cotton understand this well. But others, including prominent right-wing thinkers, often get confused by their America-first attitudes. They often misunderstand the importance of effective foreign policy deterrence and confuse it with non-focus on prioritizing American security.

The border issue in America and the tumult in Ukraine, Israel, South America and other hot spots are all intricately connected. One of the most important lessons of World War I is that isolationism costs lives in the long run. American isolationism is wishful thinking based on the false belief that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans create an almost insurmountable barrier to threats to the United States from abroad. On 9/11, this fallacy became completely obsolete. But it was wrong beforehand too. America had to engage in World War I and World War II in Europe (and Africa and the Far East) or else it would have found itself battling against German and Japanese warships in New York, Washington and California. What applied then applies today tenfold.

We need to magnify the voices of reason in the Senate like Marco Rubio, Mike Johnson, and Tom Cotton.

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