Watch: What IDF Soldiers Did in Gaza for Hanukkah is Mind-Blowing

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. You are going to love this! It might not be the Hanukkah they expected to have this year, but they are going to make the most of it.

Hanukkah in Gaza

This is incredible on so many levels. The Jewish people have not celebrated Hanukkah in Gaza for almost 20 years. So it is unbelievable that soldiers fighting for the nation of Israel in Gaza are now preparing to celebrate the holiday there. Gaza completely became Hamas’s terror base once Israel pulled out in 2005. And now, Jews are once again in that area elevating it to something holy.

And the fact that the soldiers care to connect to G-d is truly remarkable. They are in the middle of an intense war. They are putting their lives on the line everyday. And yet, they are turning to the One Above. They are doing their best to keep His commandments. It’s a beautiful thing!

The world needs to remember this: The Jewish people have fought many wars throughout the centuries. And we are still here. We have no choice but to win. And with G-d on our side, we are invincible. On Hanukkah, the Greeks wanted to destroy the Jews spiritually. And they did not succeed. We are still here connecting to G-d. We are still here, fighting a war against a vicious enemy in Gaza, connecting to G-d. We have not been broken physically or spiritually.

Incredible miracles happened in the story of Hanukkah. Let’s pray that G-d performs incredible miracles for us in our times as well.

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