Israel ranks high in the World Happiness Index during pandemic

by Leah Rosenberg

Despite being surrounded by countries that want to destroy it, and despite a world pandemic, Israel ranks high in the World Happiness Index.

Israel and the World Happiness Index

Do people realize how amazing this is? Israel is a tiny country surrounded by hostile neighbors. Israelis have also suffered from COVID-19 physically, emotionally, and financially, just like the rest of the world. And yet, the 2021 World Happiness Index revealed that Israel climbed two spots higher in happiness. How is that possible? That makes no sense logically. But it’s true – which means the people of Israel are truly special.

So many people around the world try to destroy Israel. The BDS Movement wants to bring Israel down. They turn the young and old alike against the Jewish state. College campuses are filled with anti-Israel activists working to bring down Israel.

And what about the UN? The UN has targeted Israel time and time again. They treat Israel like an evil country and treat the evil countries like democracies. How is it that a country that is so hated is still so happy? There is something so deep about that. Israelis seem to focus more internally than externally. The tiny Jewish state has managed to remain happy despite the circumstances that it constantly faces. That is definitely something to celebrate.

Israelis have freedom and democracy. They have choices. And no – not only Jews. Israeli Arabs also benefit from the same freedoms as Israeli Jews. Don’t believe it? Come and see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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