Ted Cruz corners Biden’s USAID pick for anti-Israel bias

by Phil Schneider

Barack Obama passed a resolution AFTER he was basically out of office, but still in the Oval Office for a few more days. Samantha Power, the UN Ambassador, had a major hand in this. Samantha Power is now Biden’s pick for USAID. She is a strong proponent of the two-state solution in Israel. But there is more than that.

She is very artful at showing how she has actually been a pro-Israel person. But then a few seconds later, she lumps together in one sentence the following three things: terrorism, incitement of violence and building of settlements. This is as reasonable as saying that we should all oppose terror attacks on skyscrapers, incitement to commit mass murder, and expansion of neighborhoods in Westchester. The fixation on settlements is another aspect of the anti-Israel bias of the Obama administration’s policies.

Power hides behind one clear line that she repeats: President Obama was opposed to any party in Israel taking unilateral steps. That sounds so reasonable. But Ted Cruz properly pointed out that the most unilateral step was taken by the Obama administration when they passed the “throw Israel under the bus” resolution at the end of Obama’s 2nd term. Actually, the Arabs who oppose the State of Israel’s very existence and fight it tooth and nail are the ones who take unilateral steps – every day – to turn back the clock. In the Middle East, you rarely work out issues with calm boardroom meetings. You win over people’s respect through strength, and then they give in and come to the peace table. That is how peace is achieved. This has been proven time and again.

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