Israel-Haters Can’t Stand What This Video Did to Them

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel-haters just got completely demolished by this. They should be ashamed at who they are standing with.

Facts about Israel-Haters

Why can’t Israel-haters stand this video? Because it shares the truth about them. It proves to the world what they are: Terrorist supporters. These haters want to make it seem like they are moral for standing against the one and only Jewish state. They spread lies and propaganda to make it seem like they are “good” for standing against Israel and the Jews.

And yet, the truth is, they could not be more evil. The facts don’t lie. And this video shows the facts. It puts a picture to the disturbing barbarism that Jew-haters stand with. Seriously – can it be any clearer how sickening it is that there are people who choose to stand with rapists, murderers, and terrorists rather than standing with innocent Jews?

Why is it so complicated for the world to get? Hamas and all radical Islamists want to kill every single Jew on this planet. The Jewish people are a people of peace who want to defend themselves and live in their ancient, ancestral homeland without being murdered. And for all those who can’t see the clear and obvious truth, you will pay a price for it one day.

Learn history. Learn the facts. Fight against the vicious Jew-hatred that has been spreading around the world. You will ultimately win for siding with good against evil. Siding with Israel and the Jews means siding with G-d. And when you side with G-d, you are always going to be right.

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