Israel, Cyprus, and Greece partner together for a better future

by Michael Sax

Israel, Cyprus and Greece launched a trilateral partnership. As the three democracies share common opportunities and challenges, it makes sense to work together and help each other.

The trilateral partnership works on bringing benefits to all parties. It strives to bring peace, security and prosperity to the region. Here are some more things that unite Cyprus, Greece, and Israel:

Gas and energy

Israel discovered gas under the Mediterranean Sea. The trilateral agreement explores the idea to export the gas to Europe through a pipeline via Greece. Israel, Greece and Cyprus are also working on creating an interconnected underwater cable. This would connect the electricity grids of Israel, Cyprus and later in Greece, to a common electric grid.

Prime Minister Netanyahu comments on the agreement

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu stated other ways the trilateral partnership can be beneficial. “We discussed the advances in water, how we can increase the efficiency of our water management, agriculture, tourism, technology, hi-tech ventures including in the field of cyber, and of course – the question of emergency services.  Israel has already enjoyed (this) because of the support of Cyprus and Greece in fighting fires. We can do a lot more with our current capabilities and our future capabilities – firefighting, search and rescue and the like. And the endemic problem of security and fighting terrorism.”

Common Goals

As more and more countries join together, we can work for common goals. When Israel suffered large fires a few years ago, Greece and Cyprus provided assistance. But beyond the mutual benefits, there are significant similarities. Greece, Cyprus and Israel are all democracies. This is especially important in the region, where terror regimes are taking control. We are optimistic about the trilateral agreement and know people are working hard to get results. It is truly amazing to see how more and more countries are seeing the truth about Israel and want to partner with it.

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