6 Ways Israel & India are innovating together for a better future

by Michael Sax

India and Israeli cooperation is thriving!

Here are six things you need to know. First, Israel and India established a $40 million innovation fund to encourage partnerships between Indian and Israeli entrepreneurs. Also, the Israel-India Innovation Bridge brings together Israeli and Indian innovators to solve global challenges.


The Indian group Reliance Industries invested $25 million in a Jerusalem Incubator. This will support the growth of Jerusalem startups. It will also increase cooperation between the two countries’ tech companies. India’s Institute of Management opened an Israel Center. It will serve as a center for tech cooperation between Israel and India.


Indian start-up Mimyk competed in Start JLM. This is an all expenses paid Israeli boot camp for early start-ups. The Israel-Indian Hackathon brought 600 Israeli and Indian innovators together. The purpose – to create affordable digital solutions for people without access to medical care.

The international relations between the 2 countries is reaching new heights. India’s prime minister just visited Israel. While in Israel, the PM dipped his feet in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited India. And a young man accompanied him. This young man survived a terror attack in India years ago. The terrorists killed his parents. Now he returned for a visit. It represented a sort of closure.

India – Common Tourist Destination

Israelis have been travelling there for some time. Most of all, young men and women make these trips. Usually it takes place after their IDF service. Hence, they are looking for a place to relax and vacation. India is a common choice. Maybe because it’s an exotic place and relatively cheap. Or the great nature trails. Or camping grounds. Israelis tell their friends about their adventures. Therefore their friends also want to go. In addition, they share pictures. And bring back stories. So it is somewhat common. Better relations can only be a good thing. While we look to the future, we know how important cooperation is.

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