This is what project seventy, the amazing videos from all over Israel, are all about

by Michael Sax

Project Seventy

As Israelis get ready to approach the state’s 70th birthday, many people are celebrating. Israel has existed for thousands of years. Due to Israelis returning to their homes and land in modern times, people have good reason to celebrate. A lot has happened in the past seventy years. Come and celebrate!

Special mission

This man has a special mission for Israel’s 70th birthday. First, he will go to Israel. Furthermore, he will go to seventy – that’s right, seventy – unique location in Israel, and film that to show people the real Israel. Even a traffic-clogged highway in Israel can be inspiring. How so? A few decade ago this highway didn’t exist. As a result of Jews returning to their ancestral land, we have cities, roads, and thriving societies. So even a clogged road is a wonderful sign.

Historical milestone of seventy years

If you asked people in the late 1940’s about their prospects for the future of the world, they might have told you about dreams for peace or concerns about war. But probably no one would have said that Israel would be a beacon of stability. A nation paving the way in science and technology. A country with high moral values as they provide free medical treatment for Syrians wounded in their civil war. And a people who desperately want to create a better society. Because what Israel has accomplished in seventy years is nothing short of miraculous. They did all this, despite being surrounded by Arab enemies. Israel survived, despite having to send its sons to battle to defend its very existence. Truly a miracle. Thank God.
So where will you be for Israel’s 70th birthday on April 18th? The place to be is in Israel! With many celebrations being prepared, this is one birthday party that you can’t miss.

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