How Israeli cyberspies stopped ISIS from blowing up a jet over Australia

by Phil Schneider

Israeli cyberspies are well-known in Israel.
Now, that unit is getting some international exposure – and for good reason.

Concise History of the IDF

Throughout Israel’s first 70 years, the Israeli Military has become well known for many reasons.

In the War of Independence, in 1948, the ingenuity of the small rather disorganized Jewish army somehow won the war. Despite a clear lack of sufficient weapons, the fledgling army won most of the battles and emerged victorious.

Consider this example from the 1948 war. There were soldiers who’s main job was to drive a motorcycle from one unit to the other. Why? Both units had to share the sole machine gun that was available for both units.

In the Sinai Campaign of 1956, Israel’s paratroopers became famous. Israel dropped them way behind enemy lines near the few “passes” that existed in the mountainous desert of the Sinai.  They played a critical role in surprising and ultimately defeating Egyptian forces.

In 1967, Israel won the famed Six Day War.  The Israeli Air Force was the clear start of that war.  However, tank battalions fought vicious campaigns.  Infantry units displayed enormous bravery, and even the Navy got involved a bit.  The intelligence units took alot of credit too, but most of their exploits would only come to light after a few years.

In 1973, Israel was caught unprepared with the Yom Kippur War.  Israel fought back valiantly – especially with the tank battalions and emerged victorious.  But the toll was horrible – more than 2,300 killed and thousands more wounded.

In the First Lebanon War, Israel’s Air Force dominated once again.  Israeli forces drove back PLO forces far away from Israel’s borders towards Beirut in Lebanon.

Looking Ahead to the Future

In the more recent skirmishes and wars, the new hero playing a vital role are the Israeli cyber spies.  Everybody in Israel agrees that they are the key to battle today.

There is no way to defend borders today without excellent cyber security.

Every unit knows the enemies capabilities and weaknesses due to cyber security.

Now we know that even foreign countries have Israeli cyberspies to thank for insuring their security.




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