A holocaust survivor’s emotional speech at Majdanek Death Camp

by Phil Schneider

In 2016, holocaust survivor Bill Glide, who has since passed away, delivered an emotional speech at Majdanek death camp, titled “I’m a Jew.”

I’m a Jew because I believe that all human beings are created in G-d’s image. Therefore all racism is foreign to me.

I’m a Jew because I think I have the G-d given right to question everything. Therefore I’m responsbile for everything.

I’m a Jew because for 3,000 years we dared to be different.  I’m a Jew because I believe it is our lifelong task to seek knowledge.  To search, to inquire and to educate.  I’m a Jew because every morning I recite in my daily prayers that I have a duty, an obligation, to charity.  To be hospitable to strangers, visit the sick, comfort the mourners, and most of all to make peace between people.”

It makes so much sense that a Holocaust survivor would be the one to deliver a speech as powerful as this speech.

His speech is so inspiring.  He speaks right in front of the ashes of his relatives, of his people.

What is his central message?  Is it one of revenge or anger?  Is it one of questioning God?  If so, that would make total sense and not be the slightest bit surprising.

But, instead, this inspirational man, who endured so much in his life chooses to inspire.

He chooses to spread light and good in this world.  To spread Judaism and Godliness.

May we all live an inspiring life based on the ideals espoused by this special man.


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