What went on in Schneider children’s hospital will move you to tears

by Michael Sax

This group is making waves across Israel and is making the world a better place. Come take a look at Koolulam as they provide inspiration at a hospital.

Being sick in the hospital can be a challenging experience. In addition to the illness, treatment, good news and not so good news, the atmosphere can be challenging. The hospital room is unfamiliar. There are different noises. Yet something is changing at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel. Something magical is happening and Koolulam is doing something truly inspiring.

Who are the organizers?

Koolulam, a group that spread happiness through music, visited the hospital. They provided entertainment for three hours. However, this wasn’t a typical performance. Musicians, doctors, nurses, and even patients gathered together and sang together. Jews, Arabs, men and women, old and young all enthusiastically participated in Koolulam’s event. It present beautiful harmony. Yet more important than that, it gave the hospital patients a distraction and a positive atmosphere.

What does the name of the group mean? The name Koolulam comes from a combination of the Hebrew words koolam (everyone), kol (voice) and olam (world).

What can music do for people in pain?

But does music have more benefits? Harvard Medical School says it does. They report many advantages. For example, music helps pain relief. They state that: “Music therapy has been tested in patients ranging from those with intense acute pain to those with chronic pain from arthritis. Overall, music therapy decreases pain perception, reduces the amount of pain medication needed, helps relieve depression, and gives people a sense of better control over their pain.”

Music also has other benefits. It can help reduce anxiety. Also, in some studies, people who listened to music in the recovery room lowered the use of opioid painkillers.

It’s great to see the children enjoying the musical experience and hopefully they will make a full recovery!

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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