The World Is Beginning To Corner Hezbollah

by Micha Gefen

The blast in Beirut has radically shifted Lebanese politics in a variety of ways. Most important for Israel is that it has brought the Lebanese people out and against the immense power that Hezbollah wields in Lebanon.

Lebanese protests after the blast played a big part in forcing the current government to resign, but what was equally important was their focus on Hezbollah as being responsible for the blast.

That was a first and that is what is pushing countries like Lithuania, USA, Germany, England and more to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Lebanon needs all the outside help they can get to rebuild and they cannot get that by simply leaving the situation with Hezbollah as is.

We must remember that Lebanon was carved out as a French colony as a primarily Christian enclave in the Levant. In fact the original theory was that Lebanon was supposed to be a Christian majority country, Israel (West of the Jordan River) was for the Jews, and Jordan Arab, with a potential to have a Druze enclave in Southern Syria. This was England and France’s idea for the region in the 1920s. It was only when the Western powers capitulated to a radical Islamist agenda in the 1930s and onward that societal structure began to break down.

If the West wants to see stability to return it must help Lebanon rid itself of Hezbollah and restore it as a country first and foremost designed as a homeland for Christians in the Levant, just as it always has been.

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