King David’s musical legacy left a huge imprint on the modern world

by Leah Rosenberg

One of the things King David is known for was his musical talent. He connected to G-d through music, and so do many people today.

The Musical Legacy

Music is an amazing tool to use to connect with G-d. King David used it often, famously writing the book of Psalms. He played musical instruments and used music to elevate his soul. Jews today are constantly singing the words that King David wrote thousands of years ago. His musical legacy lives on through his words as well as through his connection to music.

There are so many genres and so many types of songs related to religion and spirituality that everyone can find something they connect to.

Some people like slow music, and some people like the feeling of dancing to fast music. Music does something to the soul that is unexplainable. It helps create the mood for whatever the situation is.


The singing here is known as a Farbrengen. It is a Yiddish word that means joyous gathering and is accompanied by song, music, food, and more. Although it is usually a Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic gathering, others across the Jewish spectrum have connected to the concept of Farbrengen. After all, who doesn’t love music and some food?

The Song in the Video

The song here is called “Yismechu” or “Shabbos Kodesh.” It is a song that helps many feel connected to the Shabbat and to Judaism. The tune is upbeat and happy and is the perfect way to enter Shabbat.

When you find that song or multiple songs you connect to, you’ll know. You’ll feel it deep in your soul in a way you have never felt anything before.


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