Hezbollah Loses Control of Lebanon In National Elections

by David Mark

In a sudden turn of events, Iranian backed Hezbollah appears to have lost in Lebanon’s national election.

France 24 reports: “Iran-backed Hezbollah has been dealt a blow in Lebanon’s parliamentary election with preliminary results showing losses for some of its oldest allies and the Saudi-aligned Lebanese Forces party saying it had gained seats.”

Hezbollah was first created in 1982 by Iranian Revolutionary Guards and rose in prominence in its fight against Israel during the 1990s. It has been a leader in Lebanese politics throughout the last two decades through its partnership with Michael Oun’s Christian party.

The Saudi-aligned Lebanese Lebanese Forces Party, which is essentially a Christian party has now claimed the leadership of Lebanese Christians.

So what does this mean for Lebanon and ultimately Israel?

Well, Hezbollah cannot be expected to go quietly. Expect widespread intimidation and perhaps steps that may lead to a Civil War.

Nadim Houry, executive director of Arab Reform Initiative, said: “You are going to have two blocs opposed to each other – on the one hand Hezbollah and its allies, and on the other the Lebanese Forces and its allies, and in the middle these new voices that will enter.”

“This is a clear loss for the FPM. They maintain a bloc but they lost a lot of seats and the biggest beneficiary is the Lebanese Forces. Samir Geagea has emerged as the new Christian strongman.”

While a weakened Hezbollah might seem good for Israel, it may not be if Hezbollah decides to pick a fight with the Jewish State in order to strengthen its standing in Lebanon. Chaos is rarely good, especially when the chaos is so close to home.

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