Time To Learn The Truth About “Palestine”

by Phil Schneider

There is so much confusion about everything relating to the word “Palestine.” But the confusion is a new concept that originated when the fake nation of “Palestinians” was invented, back in the 1960’s. Are Arabs who claim to be “Palestinians” faking it? Well, no. They actually have been trained effectively in the last generation to use the name because it goes over well with the untrue narrative that Israel has stolen their land. But there is one big fat problem with this claim. It has no merit. Neither Arabs, nor Jews have been living in around 95% of the Land of Israel for more than 100 years. Beforehand, the Land of Israel largely sat empty for more than 1800 years. Neither Jews nor Arabs were here. At most, tens of thousands lived across the entire Land of Israel.

Jews lived in Arab Lands, from Morocco, Libya, Algeria, and Egypt in Africa, to Iraq, Yemen, Iran, and Syria in the Middle East. They rarely had it good. And if it was good, it never lasted more than a few generations. The oppressed Jews were 2nd class citizens at best, and at worst, suffered occasional pogroms and other forms of terror. The Jewish people who come from Arab countries are known as Sephardic Jews. They largely understand that the Arabs in Israel are filled with much hatred, jealousy and humiliation from the many defeats against Israel. The contrast between the past and the present is not lost on them. Arabs who were used to oppressing Jews for centuries cannot handle the idea of Jews being in charge.

In 1964, when the Palestine Liberation Organization was organized with the express goal of destroying the State of Israel, the claim then – as it is now – was to destroy the entire State of Israel. The entire use of the word “Palestinian” as a national character trait that defines Arabs is a lie. Jews and Arabs alike, between World War I and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, both called the area that they lived in Palestine. The Jerusalem Post, the leading English newspaper of the Jewish people was called the Palestine Post. The Jewish theater was called the Palestine Theater. There was no State of Israel yet, so the area became known as Palestine. There was nothing about the term “Palestine” that suggested that it referred to an Arab location or entity.

There was no concept of a separate Arab entity in the Land of Israel who were called “Palestinians” until the 70’s and 80’s when the myth was built up. There were Jews and Arabs – not many of each group – who lived in what was called the British Mandate of Palestine from 1918 – `1948. Then in 1948, Israel, with minimal manpower, bravely turned away 6 Arab armies who joined together to destroy the fledgling State of Israel. There were Syrian Arabs, Jordanian Arabs, Iraqi Arabs, an Egyptian Army, some forces from Saudi Arabia, and some irregular Arab forces who lived throughout the Land of Israel. Nobody used the term Palestinians back then at all. The various Arab groups banded together in a non-coordinated way to fight the out-manned newly formed State of Israel. The Arabs, especially the Egyptian and Jordanian Army, had more and better weapons. They had more than double the number of Jewish soldiers too. But they lacked one thing. They were not fighting for their homeland and for survival. No Arabs claimed that they were Palestinians fighting for Palestine. Any documentary that paints that picture today is pure fiction. The Arabs were fighting to kill Jews and throw them into the sea. Their main chant was “Itbach Al Yehud – Kill the Jew.” Whenever they succeeded, that is exactly what they did. They slaughtered and maimed Jews mercilessly. Six thousand Jews, 1% of the total Jewish population was killed in the costly War of Independence. But, outside of the few battles that the Arabs won, the Jewish people persevered and beat back the Arabs.

Today, the clarion call, to kill the Jew has not changed. But the international media and Arab supporters around the world like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have found a nice way of calling for the destruction of the State of Israel. They call to help the “poor Palestinians,” as if they are the most long-suffering group of people in the history of mankind. The truth is that most of the so-called “Palestinian supporters” are a new phenomenon of anti-Jewish radicals who want nothing but to destroy the State of Israel and kill Jews. They can keep yelling and screaming. Israel is here to stay.

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