A Blood Libel Is Going On Right Before Our Eyes

by Phil Schneider

Nothing works better than a blood libel when trying to vilify the entire Jewish people. It is not a new concept at all. It has been employed for hundreds of years. But recently, the way it is used is to vilify the powerful Israel Defense Forces as an Army that PURPOSELY kills children and journalists. It is a powerful argument that does a great job of separating out the good from the bad. The Israeli Army is bad. The poor Palestinians are good. It’s all part of one big fat lie. Let’s explore.

The entire portrayal of the Israeli Army as bad is the exact opposite of reality. The facts are as follows. Israel is a small country surrounded by five enemy countries that have attempted more than 6 times to destroy the State of Israel. This is not a matter of opinion. Every historian agrees to this as a fact. Therefore, Israel has been forced to build up a powerful Army in order to defend against very real existential threats.

For a decade or so, Israel’s main ally for building up their Army was France. But, following the lightning surprise victory of Israel over Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 1967. the United States agreed to sell and supply Israel with many defensive weapons. Israel was viewed as a stalwart ally in the West’s battle against the spread of Soviet Communism. The Soviet Union massively supplied weapons and advisors and supported Egypt and Syria’s military buildup in order to terrorize and ultimately destroy the State of Israel. But Israel refused to be destroyed despite the efforts of it’s enemies.

Once Israel more than tripled it’s size, it also absorbed many of the Arabs in it’s midst that used to be refugees in Jordan and Egypt. So, now Israel, who had already had a refugee issue when it was a tiny country between 1949 and 1967, became a small country with even more refugees. These Arab refugees are largely enemies of the State of Israel. But nearly 1/4 of them are not anywhere as anti-Israel as many think. But the dominant leaders of the Arabs, those who are labeled as refugees and those who are not, are Arabs who support the destruction of the State of Israel. That forces Israel to use their Army, who only defend Jews and Arabs in Israel from the terrorists within Israel and the terrorist threats on Israel borders, to beef up even more. All the Israeli Army does is preserve life every day, 24/7, every day of the year. All that the Israeli Army is accused of is that they are child killers. It must be said clearly. The child killers are the terrorists. The child killers are the radical Arabs. The same ideology that led to the Arab attack on the USA on 9/11 is the same ideology that accuses Israel’s Army as killing journalists and children. Not only is it a lie. The Israeli Army is the most moral Army in the entire world. Actually, it is too moral. They should blow up buildings in refugee camps where attacks come from and blame the terrorists for the attack. Instead, Israeli soldiers put themselves in harm’s way and Israel-haters blame them for killing innocents.

When Obama ordered the attack on Bin Laden, they knew that “innocents” would be killed along the way. It was the right order. Obama was right even though, in all attacks, some non-belligerents are killed. So is the Israeli Army right when they order the killing of terrorists. The Israeli Army is good. The radical Arab terrorists are what is bad.

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