Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson: Why leftists do everything they possibly can to avoid facts?

by Phil Schneider

What is the source of most of the problems in the world? Are the sources of most of the issues systems that are in place throughout society? Are the sources of our problems inordinate amounts of power that exist in society? Are deeply held racist attitudes the core problem that exists in today’s world? Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson are not similar in what they spend their time talking about. However, they see things eye to eye on some of the most important aspects of society.

Facts are what Ben Shapiro talks about. His command of and ability to eloquently parse together facts to prove his points are legendary. In a debate, he is like a boxer who gets in a 1-2-3 punch combination before his opponent has even got his legs squared up to start the match. Jordan Peterson also largely focuses on facts. But he comes from a strong historical and psychological perspective too, and he delves deeply into the psyche of human nature. He outlines and depicts today’s reality as being objectively wonderful in comparison to previous generations, and then explains why so many people are miserable today.

It is not a coincidence that what makes Shapiro and Peterson so popular is their total command of facts that allow them to analyze and depict reality so clearly in such a confused world. What they analyze here is why the facts don’t even bother so many people. So many people are caught up in irrational ideas that the facts don’t get in the way of their mindsets. They just move on blissfully ignoring the facts and complain about the ills of society when in truth, so much is so wonderful about today’s day and age.

What is refreshing about Jordan Peterson is how he sees the kernels of truth in the many criticisms that leftists have of society. He does not dismiss their claims of inequality as stupidity. But he breaks it down to show that it is not in any way indicative of a society that is based on racism and inequality. Rather, it is a byproduct of the enormous success of a capitalist way of life as opposed to a socialist way of life. Conclusion – life is good, not bad. We don’t need to fix society.

But, what does need to be fixed? Ourselves. We need to look into ourselves to fix whatever is not good about society. This is a basic difference between many radicals and non-radicals. Radicals often blame others for everything that is wrong. Non-radicals look inward and try to fix societal ills by looking inward and taking care of one habit or characteristic at a time. Peterson is a breath of fresh air who puts the focus on the person and not on society. He is indeed a breath of fresh air.

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