Hamas tries to save its public image as the truth comes out

by Leah Rosenberg

The video of Hamas that was released is nothing new. It’s their regular rhetoric. But now Hamas is trying to save its public image lest the world wake up.

Hamas Tries to Save its Public Image

It sounds ridiculous, because it is. Anyone who is not blind to the truth knows that Hamas wants to kill every Jew and destroy the state of Israel. But some people fall for Hamas’ game where they sometimes try to cover up the truth in a certain sense. Some politicians in the Western world have even called Hamas “friends.” But what do people like that respond to videos of Hamas calling for the mass murder of Jews?

This type of speech given by a Hamas leader is nothing new. It is just that so much of the world ignores it and acts as if Hamas is a “partner for peace.”

Just bad PR?

It is not just bad PR. It is what they believe. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) both hate Israel. They both hate the Jewish nation. This video was not “a slip of the tongue.” The Hamas leader speaking in the video that was released completely intended what he said.

Hamas and the PA want to continue to gain the world’s sympathy and have them side against Israel. Although they do not really hide the truth, they also try to have the world be blind to it. So far, the world has been blind. But what will happen now? Will leaders finally wake up to what is really happening in the Middle East?

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