If we let Iran win, THIS will continue to happen

by Avi Abelow

We can never forget the AMIA bombing carried out by Iranian proxy Hezbollah in July of 1994. We haven’t forgotten, but it seems much of the world has.

AMIA Bombing

On July 18th, 1994, Hezbollah attacked the Jewish community center (AMIA) – Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina – in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This terror attack claimed the lives of 85 victims – including men, women, and children. Hundreds more were injured. And the thing is, Iran is still proud of this attack. The perpetrators live freely in Iran, even serving in influential positions and traveling widely on behalf of the Iranian regime.

But the world still believes the Iranian regime is able to be trusted.

Don’t Let Iran Win

Right now, the European Union and others are letting Iran win. They are allowing Iran to make the rules, and they are even following what Iran says. It is such a crazy concept that so much of the world believes Iran and what they say! Making a “deal” with a terrorist regime has to be one of the most ridiculous endeavors. It is laughable and foolish. We cannot play their game. That shows weakness, not strength, despite what world leaders may want you to believe.

Iran has said time and time again that they want to destroy the Jewish people, the Jewish state, and the Western world. This attack from 25 years ago is not old news. This is what Iran does and is. Terrorism is what they represent. And it is shocking that a large part of the world has not realized that yet.

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