Woman of “Color” Bashes Media Defending US Congresswomen of “Color”

by Avi Abelow

This is an eye-opening video for a number of reasons. Reason #1, and the most important reason, is because this is a woman of “color” passionately attacking the squad of four Democratic Congresswomen, and the media, for claiming that President Trump’s tweets were racist.

This is a British woman who took the time to actually read and listen to everything President Trump publicized. It was clear to her, as to all who take the time to do that, that the President did not react out of racism because he hates women of color, but because of their record of anti-American and Jew-hating comments. There is nothing racist about that.

Ironically, the women themselves are the ones being racist with their reactions. President Trump does not care what color, gender or religion they are. But by them focusing on their color, gender and religion, they are making the issue based on their identities, making them to be the racists, sexists etc.

What is missing in discourse today is exactly that, discourse! One may definitely disagree with the way President Trump addressed these women, and that he told them to go back to their countries to find out how to then come back and help America. That is a person’s prerogative. A discussion can then ensue based on the merits of what he said and didn’t say.

However, to attack his word as racist and to turn the incident into one of racism is abhorrent. It is more proof of the intellectual dishonesty of many to actually deal with real issues.

How about talking about the comments and actions of these Congresswomen and if they are anti-American or not? How about discussing whether President Trump’s message was appropriate and if it could have been said differently? No, there is no discussion about the actual context of his words, instead, there is a direct attack of “racism”, even though his own words have not one trace of racism in them.

This is the true disintegration of Western society today, that discussions no longer take place, just attacks with no desire to talk things through and understand the other side.

Should it really be impossible to criticize these Congresswomen for hateful comments against America, the Jews and Israel just because they are women of “color”? That is the reality that they and the media are trying to create. We won’t let them.

The End…

Another interesting anecdote of this video is when the woman then comes out saying that she hates Britain and that she is trying to leave. Watch to the end to find out why!

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