You’ll never again look at an IDF officer the same way

by Chaya Cikk

An IDF Officer does so much for their country. They do an unbelievable amount defending Israel and much more behind the scenes. We appreciate all that they do every second of every day.

IDF Officer

The IDF constitutes not only the army but also the airforce and the navy. The ranks are the same throughout the IDF. There are General, Senior, Junior, Academic and Non-Commissioned Officers.

These soldiers go through an intense course to become officers in the army. There is physical training and educational training. Additionally, they are taught to set a good example to their cadets. The course is no easy task and as this officer says “I made it”

Being in the IDF is hard. It is not easy being away from family and friends. Or being away from your home, your mum’s cooking and much more. There are many changes that take place. However, along the way, your fellow soldiers become your friends and family. Together you go through the experience of army service.

The IDF is like one big family, no matter where you are in the country you see a soldier and you feel you have an instant connection. Knowing that they have been through the same experiences as you.

Thank You

This video makes me thankful that Israel has an Army, a Navy and an Airforce. Within every division, there are amazing soldiers trying their hardest to protect Israel and her citizens. Furthermore, they put their life and soul into their job and for that, we say thank you.

Finally, what greater way to show your love for Israel than protecting the land and defending the citizens. As a citizen of Israel, I try and say thank you and smile at the Officers. After all, they put their life on the line for us to live.

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