Labour Party leader calls terrorists his “friends”

by Leah Rosenberg

What the Labour Party leader says in this video is shocking. Although if you know Jeremy Corbyn, it is not out of character for him to say things like this.

The Labour Party Leader

The Labour Party leader should really not be leading ANY party. Jeremy Corbyn is a complete anti-semite. What sane human being refers to terrorists as “friends?” There is really no excuse. No justification. It is just plain wrong. Sickening, to say the least. Organizations whose stated goal is to destroy Israel do not deserve ANY sympathy. Jeremy Corbyn is essentially supporting the fact that Hamas and Hezbollah destroy lives – Jewish lives as well as the lives of their own people that they are ruling over.

And he even said it would be his “pleasure” and “honor” to host these terrorist groups! It really makes you wish it was not true, but it is on camera for the whole world to hear…Corbyn supports terrorists.

Will Corbyn Be Sentenced to Prison?

Watch the video below. Maybe Jeremy Corbyn will finally be punished for befriending terrorists. Maybe justice will finally be served for the way he has treated Israel and the Jewish people. It is time we stop appeasing terrorists. Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas. Jeremy Corbyn calls Hezbollah and Hamas his friends. Do you see the issue? Is the Labour Party leader supporting Iran? Apparently so. Maybe now the world will see the truth. There is nothing Corbyn is hiding. He says it all for the public to hear. All his antisemitism and absurdity is on display.

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